December 7, 2023

Before buying best mirrorless camera with viewfinder you should read the mirrorless camera.  Full mirror lees digital cameras it also known as shoot-and-point cameras, are basically designed to be small and movable and are mostly suitable for casual photography. Smaller one are known as ultra-compacts and they measure less than 20mm in thickness. In order to attain their compact and movable nature, they mostly combine a smaller sensor and fixed lens in a retractable assembly.


Features of best mirrorless camera

The Sony A7R II with 42MP full frame is the best mirrorless camera for video with 5-axis image stabilization, introducing the world’s first and may be currently 35mm BSI CMOS sensor, and comprises a hybrid autofocus feature and capabilities to shoot 4K videos. As per mirrorless camera reviews it’s the 5th in the Sony’s A7 range of full frame cameras and second in the high-resolution ‘R’ model series. However, its name and presence are very alike to the first release of A7s, the R II questionably represents just as important a step forward as those earlier full frame mirrorless DSLR models did.


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The first is that this is the first full frame mirrorless digital camera to feature a sensor based on BSI CMOS method. Although Sony always worried that the benefits of BSI designs are most appreciated in small sensors, its use on larger scales would have been decreased the pixel-level drawbacks of moving to advanced pixel counts which means a better in quality when viewed at a standard output size.

Secondly, and perhaps, most unexpectedly: as per mirrorless camera reviews ,the camera’s autofocus abilities have been advanced to the point that it not only focuses quickly and efficiently with its own lenses but can also do so with lenses designed for other systems.

Sony A7R II-Specification

  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • 399 on-sensor Phase Detection points
  • Full magnesium alloy construction
  • Picture Profile system including ITU-709 and S-Log2 gamma
  • Internal 4K video recording from ‘Super’ 35 crop
  • 42MP Full Frame BSI CMOS sensor




  • The best image quality ever seen in any mirrorless DSLR.
  • Surprisingly good high ISO results
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Very good RAW file versatility
  • Enhanced battery life over earlier generations
  • Surprisingly good high ISO results
  • Fastest autofocus of any Sony ILC camera body


Rather than G-P gear used it better to take a joy stick to adjust its focus.


Whether you enjoying photos or videos with it, Sony A7R II is a very complex, but versatile camera. It is the famous camera of 2015.It is believe that any enthusiast professional photographer will be very pleased with its capabilities. If you want more megapixels, you could go with the other DSLRs, but it is bulkier with limited movie or ISO ranges. With the A7R II, you will get outstanding shots, 4K  mirrorless camera with video, built-in five-axis stabilization, a superb AF system, and the capability to use some other lenses, just to name a few. This best mirrorless camera is really worth it you may like it more.